Tucson Criminal Defense Attorney

As a Tucson criminal defense attorney, my job is to zealously represent my clients. Doing this job well is a tremendous responsibility. Obviously, it is important to my clients, whose freedom and liberty depend on my work. These clients have often been accused of serious crimes and have often been abandoned by family and friends. I may be the only one left for them to turn to. Sometimes, these clients are actually innocent of the crimes they have been charged with. Even if they aren’t completely innocent, they have often been overcharged (charged with more serious crimes than they actually committed) or otherwise treated unfairly. My job is to ensure that they are treated fairly, that their rights are protected, and that they obtain the best resolution possible under the circumstances.

Why Criminal Defense Attorneys Are Important

A criminal defense attorney’s job is not only important to criminal defendants, but it is important to society in general. When defense lawyers challenge an unlawful search, a coerced confession, or a unduly suggestive identification procedure,we are essentially policing the police. Our job is to make sure law enforcement follow proper procedures and the requirements of our Constitution – basically, our job is to enforce the Constitution. The criminal defense lawyer also enforces the Constitution by holding the prosecution to its constitutional obligations and by reminding the judge of his or her constitutional and professional obligation to protect the rights of the accused. None of this is easy when facing an all-powerful government with virtually unlimited resources, but it must be done. By enforcing the Constitution, criminal defense lawyers help ensure that all of us continue to have the rights and freedom we enjoy as Americans.

So if you find yourself in a difficult position because you’ve been charged with a crime in Arizona, don’t hesitate to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Our job is to look out for you, to protect you as much as we can, to ensure that you are treated fairly, and find the best possible outcome. Call us for a free, confidential case assessment at 520.314.4125 or contact us online.